Life on a Merry-go-round

Sometimes it seems as if I’m on a merry- go-round…🎠 

     Okay! I think I’ve found the perfect subject…losing weight, exercising, and getting healthy! Reinvent myself and my habits to reach a healthy weight. 

It all started last Friday . I was in a dr office and across the room was this poster that proclaimed all the good reasons and benefits of gastric surgery. Lose weight, walk lighter, lessen your asthma and shortness of breath, lower blood sugar, improve sleep , and lower high blood pressure. WOW!! And all you need is this one simple procedure that will make all those issues better. So, I decided ,right then and there, that’s it, I’m gonna DO this! I grabbed the brochure and soon Began navigating the web. I always research every aspect in order to make a fully informed decision. EKzkkmrmmxrmxrmx


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