It is what it is…

I want to talk about my generation, the 60’s. No, not THE 60’s, but the “over the hill gang.” I finally realized that I’m no longer in the “driver’s seat, nor the passenger /navigator position , and I can’t even lay claim to the “backseat driver!” Yes, it’s true. I have been relegated to the THIRD row seat! And that means, I’m relatively harmless way, way in the back. Where I πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ΅ am not giving out my “well-worn” advice or “lecture #368963,” and I’m not disrupting the peace by stirring up the “chillen.” (Somehow I’m always to blame, yet Innocent…) I hope you realize, that I’m not really griping about this situation, but, merely stating, “the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.” Dragnet. I thought he was so sexy!And I do tend to digress, sometimes…anyhoo,(don’t you hate when people use, “anyhoo”? Getting back to the “third wheel,” I have to admit that I am now very accepting of my place in the car.  I find that I can relax and read, blog, Facebook , or play my games. And, yet, I am still treated with respect and love, and any request or need is always taken care of by my children. In fact, they treat me like a queen. 

Here’s the “bottom line,” Golden Pond, Henry Fonda. The above blog is really a metaphor of this stage in my life. As I said above, I’m no longer the “main event.” But, rather, I’m sitting in the balcony with season tickets and VIP treatment. Oh, did I mention that I can thoroughly enjoy and explore any programs  avenues. In other words, and I’m full of words(or BS), I have had an epiphany about my life, my age (67),and my self image. And the big “no brained” is that I need to just sit, relax, and enjoy the ride”!

If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s the fact that it s human nature to never be satisfied. Even if we’re relatively happy, deep inside there is a desire for “something.” Let me give some examples. At ten I couldn’t wait to be 16 and at 16 I want to be 18. And I remember never being happy with my body or looks. I wanted to be an ash blonde with green eyes. I always thought I was “fat.” At 38yrs, 5’4″, and 140lb,I considered myself overweight. Go Figure!!!now I weigh 40lbs more, and I realize that I didn’t have a big problem. Another example I think we can admit to, is raising our children and thinking,”Calgon take me away,” sounded pretty darn good. And also feeling unappreciated and frustrated by the kids, washing, school, cooking, chauffeuring, PTA, and class parties. And, now, I look back on that time in my life as “the best of times.” Maybe that is one of the many reasons we love our grandchildren so much. We realize how hard it is to really relax and enjoy being a parent, because it’s a very busy and trying time . And when you are the one who’s responsible for protecting and guiding your children to a better life than you had, it’s very difficult to take a step back and “see the forest for the trees.” But, we did it! And we did the best we could do. And sometimes, maybe we were lacking and other times we were pretty darn good, almost miracle workers! 

So, my message here (hope you’re still with me)is that you don’t always realize how good your life really is. And I for one have been guilty of that for awhile now. Well, no more! I’ve decided to follow some wise advice. Be happy with who you are and where you are in life. Instead of looking back and mourning for days gone by and wishing you could do now, what you did then, STOP, LOOK, and ROLL!!! Appreciate what you have .” Accent the positive,eliminate the negative” get out of your “memoirs stage” and back in the groove! Explore all the advantages of being our age. Take care of yourself by exercising and eating healthy . Get out and get involved! Be the beautiful person you’ve always been. And let your light shine!!! I’m done .πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΉβšœπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜amen


Don’t Bring Me Down πŸ˜”β˜ΉοΈ

  • The Beatles sang this song back in “the good ole days.” Well, I don’t need anyone to bring me down…cause I’m one of those people that has periodic spells that descend on me, covering me with feelings of sadness and loneliness. Some would say,”Snap out of it! WHY are you sad? You’re just wanting attention! You have nothing to be sad about!”  Sound familiar? Well, if you’re one of “normal” people who haven’t a clue about depression, then you’re lucky. All my life I’ve either been UP or Down! No neutral position for me…I’m like an hourglass, one day I’m great, next week I’ll be sinking like
  • A stone. And the “dark clouds ” just have to disapate in time, usually I’ll feel better the next day or two. Why am I’m writing this sad, maudlin stuff? Well, my intentions are to create a bridge of understanding between πŸ˜” and😘. 
  •      First of all, and foremost, you can’t do a darn thing about someone who’s feeling down,and tell you just “because ” or “I don’t know.” Or Nothing…. End result, they feel guilty and you feel frustrated and angry. 
  •     Well, the solution is in listening, just being there, and acceptance. You don’t tell us, “you have nothing to be sad about! What’s wrong with you! You have a wonderful life! You’re hopeless!” Rather, allow us space and you acknowledge us and our feelings. And then you go busy yourselfgoing on about your business. You might just say “I’m sorry you’re down, and I’m here for you. ” I’m not saying ignore, but just back off, give us our space, and we’ll eventually come around. Edit
  •      Let us play our sad songs, read, and be a “potato .”  We have to navigate our way back by recognizing,”I’m having a bad day, but if I can just go through “the motions,” tomorrow will be a better day.” 
  •      “Sunshine  on my shoulders makes me happy,”and it does! Exercise, swimming, walking,bicycling, or yoga might be helpful. Gardening is especially good for the soul! Helping others who are worse off than you can do wonders. Coloring, painting, sewing ,or doing chores will keep you on a steady path back to “happiness.”
  •      All I can say, about being depressed, is that I think it affects those of us who love so deeply and feel joy so great, that we get a little scared of what’s passed and what may come next. It’s knowing how much you have and how easily it could be taken from you I’m an instance! 
  •       I’m signing out. Please, feel free to give your opinions and share your experiences! Over and out. AbbyπŸ™πŸ»πŸŒΉβšœπŸ˜˜